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Experience the unique lightness of the “Star” – in the FRANKIA M-Line NEO. This 3.5 t vehicle on a Mercedes-Benz platform featuring an AL-KO low-frame made specifically for FRANKIA lets you experience a unique combination of lightness, spaciousness, modern interior design and an unbeatable payload – with a total weight starting at 3.5 t and available in two body styles: Low-Profile (MT) and now, NEW, also as an A-Class (MI).

How is all this possible? With a double floor measuring up to 40 cm high. With lightweight materials that ensure FRANKIA’s high quality standards. With a new look that offers a light-flooded interior and a distinctive exterior. And with countless smart solutions for even more space and freedom.

Very flexible. Very FRANKIA.

The 3.5 t vehicle comes in a Low-Profile and A-Class version – each with two different layouts. More room to sleep lengthwise or more space in the seating area? Travellers can choose between a large crosswise bed in the rear or comfortable twin beds in both body styles.

If you want more, you get more!

Both FRANKIA MT NEO floor plans are also available in the BLACK LINE edition. In this version you get a premium selection of standard equipment, a unique design concept and more.  

  • NEO = The perfect symbiosis of lightness, spaciousness, superior quality and premium design
  • Innovative lightweight design with a total weight of 3.5 or 4.5 t and a manoeuvrable length of 7 m
  • Mercedes-Benz on an AL-KO: Lightweight front wheel drive frame designed for FRANKIA
  • It’s your choice: A-Class or Low-Profile, each in two floor plans
  • MT 7 BD and MT 7 GDK also available in the BLACK LINE special edition
  • New double floor technology with a height of 20 to 40 cm thanks to special frame design
  • Packing was never easier: FRANKIA Smart-Load system
  • Wall Structure

    Great no matter what the season: ThermoProtect

    Wind gusts, tropical heat, hail and storm ... it’s all outside the walls of the FRANKIA NEO. The newly developed FRANKIA ThermoProtect exterior offers you the same great FRANKIA quality and safety with optimum weight reduction.

    • ThermoProtect wall structure made of high-quality aluminium alloy
    • Hail-resistant GFRP roof
    • Winter capability and lightness – without any sacrifices to the FRANKIA standard
    • With 7 year water ingress warranty standard


  • Smart-Load System

    Revolutionary: The FRANKIA Smart-Load system

    • Simply clever: Packing with the FRANKIA Smart-Load system
    • Completely redesigned vehicle rear
    • Large rear storage compartment with a height of 1.20 m
    • Extra-large one-piece 1.5 x 1.15 m rear flap
    • Lowered rear section with very low sill
    • FRANKIA front load-through storage in the double floor – accessible from the interior
    • Practical new folding solution: Storage space in the seating group


  • Double Floor Concept

    FRANKIA has been synonymous with the double floor – for over 20 years. Whether Fiat with the AL-KO low-frame, the elevated frame in all M-Line and PLATIN models with the Mercedes-Benz chassis or – NEW – with the AL-KO frame designed specifically for the FRANKIA M-Line NEO: We use our entire expertise to make the FRANKIA double floor even better, year after year. For more storage space, greater stability and enhanced comfort.

    Simply clever: Double floor in the FRANKIA M-Line NEO

    • AL-KO frame designed specifically for FRANKIA.
    • New double floor technology with a height of 20 to 40 cm
    • Full length and heated for ideal storage space – even in winter
    • Very FRANKIA: The double floor is also easily accessible from the interior