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Built on a robust Fiat Ducato platform, FRANKIA is once again leading the way towards maximum self-sufficiency. The new FRANKIA TITAN Next series is a pioneer when it comes to next-generation luxury. It makes use of the latest technologies such as the innovative Thetford iNDUS sanitation system and offers an exclusive technology package, a loft-like interior and a full equipment package. It adds more premium equipment to FRANKIA TITAN’s already luxurious standard package.

The FRANKIA TITAN Next delivers on its promise of exceptional self-sufficiency: This 8 m long luxury liner with a total weight of 5.5 t boasts a powerful 160 hp Fiat Ducato engine and features extraordinary technology, space, innovative solutions and even more luxury – all standard. Enjoy maximum freedom and relaxation with a large lengthwise seating group in combination with a straight kitchen and completely stepless interior with a height of 2.03 m. The FRANKIA TITAN Next offers superior comfort – in the elegant bedroom with twin beds (1.95 m and 2 m length), in the power drop-down bed and FRANKIA’s large spa-like bathroom.

Perfect no matter what the season – even in winter

FRANKIA TITAN Next leads the way even in the cold months of the year: This luxury motorhome is ready for winter with its Thermo Guard Plus side walls, insulated panes, Alde hot water heating system, heat exchanger and underfloor heating. Practical feature in below-freezing temperatures: Two-part heated rear storage compartment with a height of 1.24 m, full length and heated double floor with a height of 35 cm and floor compartments with access to the double floor.

  • NEW: Stay independent for up to 7 days with the Thetford iNDUS sanitation system
  • 8 m luxury liner with a 160 hp engine on a Fiat Ducato platform with a total weight of 5.5 t
  • Pure self-sufficiency: 3 x 110 W solar system, 2 x 120-AH lithium battery and much more
  • More premium details including a “hidden” 32" TV with sophisticated extension system
  • More premium standard features including Coffee Corner, 3-burner hob with 2-part cover,
  • 250 l fresh water tank and two-part rear storage compartment with a height of 1.24 m
  • Perfect for 4: Twin beds with a length of 1.95 m and 2 m and FRANKIA drop-down bed
  • Thetford iNDUS

    The iNDUS by Thetford now comes standard in the FRANKIA TITAN Next. This smart sanitation system offers travellers up to seven days of independence and makes emptying a very hygienic and flexible process. The operating supplies are automatically dosed and supplied in the exact required quantity. Efficient flushing and reuse of greywater saves a large amount of fresh water. The iNDUS app provides all relevant information on the current tank status on any mobile device.


  • Next design

    Elegant exterior design, modern interior design options

    The FRANKIA TITAN takes a unique approach, especially when it comes to exterior design: The luxury liner has a new exterior design and interior furnishings that make the interior feel even larger and friendlier. Choose from six different interior design options – three light combinations with subtle wood grain patterns and three classically elegant concepts with dark wood.

  • Next technology

    All-inclusive standard package: Features of the FRANKIA TITAN Next (standard equipment package)

    • 2 x 120 Ah lithium battery
    • 3 x 110 W high-performance solar system
    • 1,700 W “K” sine wave inverter
    • 90A power charging booster

    Even more high-tech features – standard ...

    • LED headlamps
    • Alphatronics 32DSBI+ flat screen TV
    • Alpine Dolby Surround speaker system
    • 40 A additional charger
  • More premium equipment

    The FRANKIA TITAN Next adds more premium equipment to the TITAN’s already very extensive standard package:

    • Special exterior design
    • 2-part rear storage compartment with a height of 1.24 m
    • 250 l fresh water tank
    • Straight kitchen with Coffee Corner
    • 3-burner hob with 2-part cover
    • Pull-out display case for wine glasses

Available floor plans


The new TITAN Next has all the features that make a FRANKIA motorhome a luxury liner: A great foundation and a unique technology package. XL straight kitchen and face-to-face seating. Elegant design and one-of-a-kind solutions.

  • NEW: Innovative iNDUS toilet system for up to 7 days of self-sufficiency
  • Maximum spaciousness: Face-to-face seating, large FRANKIA MaxiFlex straight kitchen
  • Even more standard equipment than in the FRANKIA TITAN
  • Stepless interior with 2.03 m of headroom, GD beds with a length of 1.95 m and 2 m

Fiat • 118 KW / 160 hp • 4 cylinder / 2,287 ccm

Available chassis:

Fiat/AL-KO • Ducato 40 H

[Translate to EN:] FRANKIA TITAN I 790
Total width
230 cm
Total height
318 cm
[Translate to EN:] FRANKIA TITAN I 790
Total length
786 cm
    Standard seats with seatbelts
  • 4
Headroom in vehicle
203 cm
    Standard sleeping berths
  • 4
Maximum permissible laden weight


All details about the standard equipment of the FRANKIA TITAN series can be found in the current price list.

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Please note that not all options shown here are possible for each floor plan.

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